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Las Tolas

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Preserve a Tree

Protect a tree of significance for the future.


This is your opportunity to make a significant contribution to the cloud forest and community around Las Tolas.   By becoming a padrino of one of our trees, you will protect that tree for a year, ensure it is cared for, looked after and you will contribute towards any costs or loss of income for the family that owns it.


Ensure that these trees survive to the future, to support the local biodiversity, bird life, ecosystem and natural environment for future generations.

To become a padrino of one tree for a year = $50


Choose from a tree of your choice:


- El tangare with Mariana and Renee


- El drago with Herminia and Salomon


- El cedro with Edgar and Cecilia


- El pulgoso with Sebastian and Amaparo


- El cauchin with Oliva


- El drago with Amparo and Geovany


- El tangare with Rosario and Medardo


- El pulgoso with Gloria and Marcelo




Benefits of becoming a padrino

When you sponsor a tree as a padrino, you will receive the following benefits, as a token of our appreciation:


- Full details and a photo of your tree; its full location; details from the family about its history and importance


- A personalised certificate of sponsorship


- Your opportunity to send a message to the family or add a comment to our book of donations


- An opportunity to visit your tree, if you are able to come and join us in Las Tolas.

How will my sponsorship be used?


Your sponsorship will cover the cost of preserving the tree, any required maintenance and to cover any loss of income for the family for a year.   100% of your sponsorship will go to the family on whose land the tree is situated for their use and preservation.


What can I do if I want to further contribute to the cause?


You could:

- Sign up to be a local volunteer, visit your tree and stay with the family your have supported.  Learn more about visiting on the Volunteer or Volunteer Projects of our website.


- Sponsory planting new trees in our re-forestation project.  Find out more on our "Plant a Tree" page.


- Talk to our volunteer co-ordinator, Teresa, about more ways to contribute or get involved, by e-mailing:


Frequently asked questions



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